Major Specifying Criteria:
To accurately fill your order to fit your exact requirements, please supply as much of the following data as is applicable:

Scope: A general statement of purpose, including:
      A)  Condition of steel strip: Cold rolled, skin pass, hardened, tempered, etc.
      B)  Application for which the product is intended.

Steel description: Name, type and steel grade number, e.g. AISI 1074M (TRM 34) or equivalent.

Product form: Strip and coil size requirements.

Nominal dimensions: Thickness and width with tolerances.

Preferred edge condition: Number and style, e.g., #1 round, #5 deburred, #3 slit, etc.

Surface finish and roughness: For instance, scaleless, bright polished or hard rolled with an Ra of 15 max.

Metallurgical requirements (if any): Specify decarburization limits, inclusion limits, microstructure (bainite, sorbite, etc.), any special heat treatments required.

Other requirements: Specify in ranges any hardness, tensile/elongation, bend, break requirements to be met.

Samples: Include a drawing, part or material which is acceptable.

Packaging: Indicate skid, bundle, or tag requirements. Specify any special packing, marking or rust preventative oil applications.

Certification: Describe any test certificates required for cast analysis and/or mechanical properties.

Other: Describe any other special requirements and include any notes that will facilitate your order.

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