Specifying Custom Engineered Steel
Product and end use requirements
The initial step in developing a definitive specification is to review the part and application characteristics: How will the part be formed? How many bends and what angles are involved? What environmental conditions (temperatures, stresses, etc.) will prevail during its use? If material is being reordered for an on-going manufacturing program, the production procedures should be reviewed to disclose any possible need for change in the steel specification. Once manufacturing and end use considerations have been analyzed, the stage is set for writing the specification.

Major Specifying Criteria:
To accurately fill your order to fit your exact requirements, please supply as much of the following data as is applicable:

Scope: A general statement of purpose, including:
      A)  Condition of steel strip: Cold rolled, skin pass, hardened, tempered, etc.
      B)  Application for which the product is intended.

Steel description: Name, type and steel grade number, e.g. AISI 1074M (TRM 34) or equivalent.

Product form: Strip and coil size requirements.

Nominal dimensions: Thickness and width with tolerances.

Preferred edge condition: Number and style, e.g., #1 round, #5 deburred, #3 slit, etc.

Surface finish and roughness: For instance, scaleless, bright polished or hard rolled with an Ra of 15 max.

Metallurgical requirements (if any): Specify decarburization limits, inclusion limits, microstructure (bainite, sorbite, etc.), any special heat treatments required.

Other requirements: Specify in ranges any hardness, tensile/elongation, bend, break requirements to be met.

Samples: Include a drawing, part or material which is acceptable.

Packaging: Indicate skid, bundle, or tag requirements. Specify any special packing, marking or rust preventative oil applications.

Certification: Describe any test certificates required for cast analysis and/or mechanical properties.

Other: Describe any other special requirements and include any notes that will facilitate your order.

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