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About Theis

Theis Precision Steel USA is the largest high carbon and stainless specialty strip mill in North America. We do cold rolling and hardening and tempering of high carbon and alloys strip steels, as well as cold rolling of all stainless and nickel alloys. In addition, we supply hardened and tempered stainless martensitic chromium steels. Theis supplies electron beam welded Bi-metal and Tri-metal of all dissimilar steels.

Thenox® Processing

Theis offers a full range of stainless steels. Our sizes range from 0.002" (0.051mm) to 0.060" (1.52mm) thick and widths from 0.125" (3.20mm) to 15.00" (381mm). Theis supplies various types of edges in single strand or oscillated packages.

We offer the following:

  • Bright annealed
  • Temper rolled
  • Hardened

The markets we serve are the following:


Textile - Tunnel Reeds, drop wire and various blanked knitting and weaving parts.

Automotive - Flexible hoses, fuel injection parts, gaskets, clamps, shock absorbers, electrical connectors, trims, deep drawn cups, etc.

Appliance - T.V. Bi-metal and Tri-metal electron beam welded components.
- Flapper valves, spacers, washers, burner covers, clamps.

Service Centers - All tempers and sizes.

General Stamping & Spring Industry - Power spring, constant force springs, Motor springs, leaf springs, formed parts, etc.

Specialty Industries - Hypodermic needles, miscellaneous medical instruments, flue liners and furnace parts, Fiber optics, flux core wire wrap, cable wrap, doctor and coater blade.

Carbon and Alloy Processing

Theis Precision Steel USA specializes in cold rolling, hardening and tempering, slitting, edging, and electron beam welding of high carbon and specialty strip and spring steel.

Our sizes range from 0.003" (0.08mm) to 0.125" (3mm) thick and from 0.125" (3mm) to 12.5" (318mm) wide. Theis supplies various types of edges in single strand or oscillated packages.

We offer the following:

  • Cold rolled and annealed
  • Annealed and cold rolled
  • Hardened and tempered scaleless or bright tempered, polished, blue or straw colored

The markets we serve are the following:


Saw Industry - Metal cutting, wood cutting, meat and fish cutting, paper, foam, plastic, and glass cutting. Electron Beam welded strip for bandsaws, hack saws, holesaws, reciprocating saws, etc.

Hardware - Industrial knives, razors, tape steel, scrappers, trowels, various blades.

Automotive - Clutch parts, expander steel, horn diaphram, piston ring, seat belt retractor steel, shock absorber and flapper valve steel, plus washers and formed parts.

Textile - Knitting and weaving parts.

Paper Industry - Scoring, creasing, cutting and perforating steels, doctor blades (creping, rotogravure, coater).

General Spring and Stamping - Engineered Steels designed to meet your specific need.

300 Broad Street, Bristol, Connecticut, U.S.A. 06010-6659
Tel: 860.585.6610 | FAX: 860.589.7411
ISO-9001-2008 Certified